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In May of 2015, I received my stem cells and was immediately feeling very good. I continued to feel good and little by little I felt better and better. I noticed that my stamina was much better. Every month I felt better and had increased stamina. I am not running any races and I still take care of myself but I use much less medicines and seem to get around so much better…


COPD Patient

I have to say that I’ve been most impressed by your overall professional approach and the benefit that I have received from the injection in my knee and my shoulder. What to me is even better though then the service itself was the way you stood behind your process.


Osteoarthritis Patient

The stem cell procedure was a walk in the park compared to a shoulder replacement. I was in and out in only a couple of hours. I felt a little bit uncomfortable afterwards but nothing painful. My shoulder on the second day was 1000% better than the first day I went in…


Orthopedic Patient

I had a complete ACL and meniscus tear.Stem cells saved me from getting surgery and arthritis.


Orthopedic Patient

…I feel like I never had the ACL torn. I can bend my knees and feel that I can do any type of movement of exercise with my legs.


Orthopedic Patient

The staff was excellent and quickly answered any questions I had. The fact that Kristin Comella is the scientist in charge and is one of the most influential people involved in stem cell therapy globally made me feel extremely fortunate and that I couldn’t be in better hands


Traumatic Brain Inury Patient

I can’t say enough good things about Bioheart and Kristin Comella. I feel that they have given me hope and a chance to see my children grow into adults…


COPD Patient

It’s incredible how much more I’m moving around without getting winded.And have more energy too. The stem cell treatment I had there has made a world of difference…


COPD Patien

I have had systemic Scleroderma for about 2 years now…I found out about Bioheart stem cell research clinic and went for the stem cell treatment in October 2014 in Sunrise Florida. I feel great, I can swallow better, can breathe better, my skin on my neck and face is looser.


Scleroderma Patient

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