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Adult stem cells have been identified as having the potential to reverse the effects of degenerative conditions like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).  COPD is a group of progressive lung diseases – including chronic bronchitis and emphysema – that block airflow and make it difficult to breathe.  COPD is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States, and is projected to be the third by 2020.

The primary cause of COPD is cigarette smoking and/or exposure to tobacco smoke.  Other causes include air pollution, infectious diseases and genetic conditions.  Chemical fumes and dust can also contribute to COPD.  Symptoms include shortness of breath, chronic cough, wheezing, and mucus production.  Extra-pulmonary manifestations of COPD include osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, skeletal muscle abnormalities, and depression.

There is currently no cure for COPD and the manifestations can only be treated symptomatically.  The disease afflicts more than 5% of the population in many countries and accounts for more than $600 billion in health care costs, morbidity, and mortality.

The good news is that stem cell therapy has the potential to reverse the effects of degenerative diseases, like COPD.  Adult stem cells utilized for lung disease treatment are found in every part of the body and their primary role is to heal and maintain the tissue in which they reside.

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Adult stem cells can be harvested from a patient’s own tissue, such as adipose (fat) tissue, muscle, teeth, skin or bone marrow. During a simple and safe outpatient stem cell procedure, stem cells can easily be isolated under local anesthesia in approximately 30-90 minutes. 

COPD patients who have undergone stem cell therapies often express the willingness to receive additional cell infusions, if possible, due to a feeling of well-being associated with the injection

Our team has successfully treated over 7,000 patients with very few safety concerns reported.  We are extremely encouraged by the positive patient results we are seeing from our physician-based treatments.  Stem cells possess enormous regenerative potential, and their potential applications are virtually limitless.  Stem cell cutting-edge treatments are safe, compliant, and effective.

One day, stem cell therapy will be the gold standard of care for the treatment of most degenerative diseases, including COPD, Osteoarthritis and others.  Our hope is that stem cell therapy will provide relief and an improved quality of life for many patients.  The future of medicine is here!

To find out how stem cell therapy can help you improve your life, schedule your free consultation on our website: or give us a call at 954-510-3150.

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