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US Stem Cell Clinic’s dedicated staff have taken the time to offer insight into all facets of our work.

Watch Kristin Comella speak at the RAAD Festival about the power and future of stem cells in physician education, animal health, personal medicine, and prescription therapeutics.

In this video, our CSO Kristin Comella explains the type of stem cells we use, how we use them and — most importantly — why we use these instead of other well-known cell types.

Michelle Parlo discusses US Stem Cell Clinic’s recent work on treating patients with erectile dysfunction.

Wondering how stem cell therapy works? Here is a basic breakdown of our non-intrusive stem cell treatments.

A common query from our patients is how long it takes to see results. In order to answer this question, Ms. Comella explains what happens when we transplant healthy stem cells into damaged tissue.

Missed out on our Journal Club seminar series? Listen to Kristin Comella as she explains the results of her latest research paper about the use of autologous treatments in patients with heart conditions.

Ever wondered how stem cell therapies are performed? CSO Kristin Comella explains the processes behind extracting stem cells from adipose tissue.

Worried about how long the recovery process might take? US Stem Cell Clinic focuses on minimally-invasive procedures. This video explains what that means for each patient’s recovery.

Learn more about our CSO Kristin Comella and the contributions she has made to growing field of stem cell research, therapeutics, and product development.

You may already know that US Stem Cell Clinic has its own tissue banking facility. In this video, we explain what tissue banking is and how it contributes to our work.

What conditions can be treated by stem cells? In this video, our CSO Kristin Comella explains the special qualities that make these cells ideal for treating various types of diseases.

Regenerative medicine focuses on the body’s natural healing abilities. Watch this video to get a better understanding of how stem cells are able to work inside damaged tissue to stimulate healing processes.

Get a comprehensive review of regenerative medicine from our very own Chief Scientific Officer, Ms. Kristin Comella. This webinar discusses how patients can benefit from these therapeutic methods.

Michelle Parlo and Ms. Kristin Comella briefly introduce you to our clinical operations: from our objectives to the science behind our work.

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