When an additional oxygen atom is added to an oxygen molecule, a powerful healing therapy is produced. What is produced from the introduction of this additional atom is Ozone (O3). Although O3 seems to be very similar to an oxygen molecule, the additional atom alters the structure of the compound. This change in structure plays a very important role in why Ozone is such a helpful therapeutic agent. When circulating systemically, Ozone readily donates its additional oxygen atom to harmful free radicals within the body. Free radicals are very unstable molecules that circulate in the body looking for essential molecules to steal electrons from; this process creates a cycle of continuous free radical creation causing damage to your cells, DNA, and proteins which can have a long-term detrimental effect on your health.  
Here at US Stem Cell Clinic, we utilize Ozone in a couple of specific ways to promote superlative healing potentials for our patients. One way this is done is through IV Ozone treatments, which is the best way to get O3circulating throughout the entire body. When introduced systemically, Ozone works to attach to and neutralize these free radicals. In addition to minimizing the amount of circulating free radicals and lowering the level of oxidative stress in your body, O3 is a potent immune system regulator. This means that if the immune system is overactive, which is seen in patients dealing with autoimmune disorders, the systemic application of Ozone may work to slow down immune activity. Conversely, with an underactive immune system, seen in patients dealing with chronic infections, Ozone will work as a stimulating agent to kill bacteria and viruses. Another way Ozone is utilized in our clinic is in combination with Platelet Rich Plasma for intra-articular injections. This application of Ozone is helpful for patients who suffer from Osteoarthritis, as it helps stimulate the biochemical reactions in the body necessary for cartilage regeneration. Additionally, O3 treats a wide range of orthopedic conditions including joint pain, sciatica, neck/back pain, and TMJ syndrome. Many degenerative orthopedic diseases are the direct result of decreased oxygen utilization. This decreased oxygen utilization leads to inefficient production of cellular energy, consequently leading to the decomposition of cartilage or an increase in inflammation in localized areas around injuries- new or old. Intra-articular injections of Ozone and PRP prompts the soft tissue surrounding the orthopedic ailment to absorb the O3, allowing it to bind to important organic chemicals. The binding of Ozone and these organic chemicals create peroxides which work to increase oxygen utilization; this not only treats a patient’s pain, but it directly addresses the underlying cause of the orthopedic condition. To find out how our clinic can help you improve your life using highly specialized and individualized techniques such as Ozone therapy, please request your free, no-obligation consultation on our website: https://usstemcellclinic.com/contact-us or by calling 954-510-3150.