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At U.S. Stem Cell Clinic, we utilize a variety of techniques to help patients identify specific issues in their bodies. We believe in tapping into your own healing potential and using technology to enhance your regenerative potential. Biohacking is a newly developed field where you can enhance your quality of life by optimizing your cellular performance. For those new to biohacking, it can be overwhelming and you may not know where to start. The following serves as a guide to the basics of tapping into your best version of yourself.

Food is Medicine
One of the easiest and best ways to obtain maximum performance of your machine is to provide it appropriate nutrients that are free of toxins and chemicals. As a general rule, avoid grains and most dairy products as they tend to be pro-inflammatory. Most products that come in a package are not ideal for optimizing your health. Instead, opt for organic vegetables and fruits and clean meat such as grass-fed/grass finished beef, free range pasture raised chicken/eggs, and wild caught fish. Avoid food items that are GMO or have been grown with pesticides.

Drink Clean Water
Water that has been filtered to remove dangerous metals, such as fluoride and microbes which may be harmful, is a critical tool in getting full function from your body. Use a reverse osmosis system that eliminates the harmful parts in the water and remineralizes to provide healthy amounts of calcium, magnesium, potassium and perfectly pH balanced water. These systems can remove impurities such as heavy metals, pesticides, chlorine, herbicides, and pharmaceuticals as well.

Incorporate a fitness program that combines muscle endurance, cardiac output and mental awareness. High intensity interval training can challenge the heart muscle and improve lung capacity. Weight and resistance training can build stronger muscles and promote stem cell recovery. Yoga and meditation can enhance mental clarity, improve flexibility and reduce dangerously high cortisol levels. For added cellular benefit, use an infrared light during hot yoga.

Light Therapy
Our light exposure throughout the day helps to regulate our hormones, sleep cycles, and cellular turnover. Avoid overexposure to blue light from electronics, especially late in the day by wearing blue light blocking glasses. Use infrared light therapy to enhance healing and reset the mitochondria (powerhouses of the cells). Get full sun exposure (no SPF) midday for 15-30 minutes to help keep melatonin and other hormone levels appropriate and absorb vitamin D.

Reduce Radiation exposure
Use anti-radiation products on all electronics to increase the negative ions to help neutralize dangerous EMFs. Turn off all electronics and WIFI while sleeping. Place pink Himalayan salt lamps in every room to purify the air and neutralize dangerous positive ion emission.

Reduce Toxic Exposure in the house
Avoid cosmetic and hygiene with dangerous metabolites and chemicals which interfere with your endocrine system. Use natural products and essential oils instead. Remove all plastic containers or utensils from your kitchen and replace water bottles with BPA free stainless-steel bottles. Avoid non-stick pans and replace with stainless steel or ceramic. Add an air filtration system to your bedroom to reduce mold and other contaminants.

At U.S. Stem Cell Clinic, we have partnered with Biohackers Warehouse to offer products to enhance your health to our patients. Use the code “sunrise” to receive a 5% discount on any products you purchase.

To find out how our clinic can help you improve your life using highly specialized and individualized techniques to biohack your health in combination with stem cell therapy, please request your free, no-obligation consultation on our website: or by calling 954-510-3150.

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