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The Miracle Wave

Acoustic Wave Therapy (“AWT”) is advanced technology that stimulates the local area metabolism and enhances blood circulation to help the body repair damaged tissue

Discover the Power of Stem Cells

Use your body’s own healing potential to combat areas of disease, injury, or inflammation

Platelet Rich Plasma

Accelerate healing by utilizing your own palettes, harnessing your body’s regenerative capabilities

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Using your body’s own healing potential

U.S. Stem Cell Clinic is here to provide you with the latest and most exclusive regenerative therapies. We help your body restore itself by harnessing your own healing potential with a variety of techniques to combat areas of disease, injury or inflammation. This process involves a variety of techniques including a minimally invasive procedure conducted right in our clinic. Cells and platelets may be isolated and delivered back to the same patient. All within 3 hours, and with the full assistance of medically qualified staff. We are committed to making the process as comfortable as possible.

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Personalized male health and wellness treatment

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Top of the Line Regenerative Treatments

Latest Technology

We have partnered with some of the top stem cell innovators in the country to develop the best treatments for our patients.


Implementing the latest in-clinic research of regenerative medicine treatments for various conditions.

Conveniently Located

Our clinics are located just minutes away from Fort Lauderdale and Miami airports.

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